Belabored Podcast: Dangerous Work, with Debbie Berkowitz and Xian Barrett

Workers are being asked, once again, to keep working despite a surge in COVID-19 infections. As employers push for a return to “normal,” how should we deal with the risks of returning to work?

Last month, roughly 40,000 UK rail workers with the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT) went on strike for three days, bringing major portions of the British rail system to a halt in a historic show of collective strength. This week, after receiving a contract offer from state-owned Network Rail that union leaders described as “paltry,” the RMT announced that workers at Network Rail and the train operating companies will engage in another day of strike action on Wednesday, July 27.

  • Amazon Walkout 4.26.20

    From Amazon to Starbucks, America Is Unionizing. Will Politics Catch Up?

    A debate on how unions build power today and whether politicians — particularly Democrats — are still behind them.

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