State workers to vote on new contracts

Members of Council 5 of AFSCME, the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, and MAPE, the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, will vote on tentative contract settlements with the State of Minnesota.

The agreements were reached Friday, two days before the previous contracts were set to expire.

The proposals include 3 percent raises for each of the next two years and would require state employees to pay more for their health insurance.

“Bargaining involves give and take between labor and management,” said Jo Pels, chief negotiator for AFSCME Council 5. “The employer didn’t get everything it wanted – and the union didn’t get everything we wanted. This is a fair agreement for hardworking state employees and the citizens of Minnesota. Our negotiating team unanimously recommends support.”

AFSCME expects voting on the contract to take place within the next six weeks, the union said.

MAPE’s Board of Directors is unanimously recommending ratification of its contract, according to information posted on the union’s website. No voting dates or locations have been set yet.

The AFSCME contract for 2013-15 covers 17,000 craft, service, health care, clerical, and technical workers. There are two separate contracts for AFSCME correctional officers and radio communications operators.

The MAPE contract for 2013-2015 covers 13,000 state employees in professional job classifications.

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