SEIU and Climate Justice

Climate Justice is a Union Issue

On September 20, millions of students and community members participated in a global climate strike. Climate justice activists gathered in streets in incredible numbers across the world, many students striking from school, to challenge local and national governments to actively address climate breakdown. A major supporter of the student climate strike, working closely with the student-led Sunrise Movement, is the Service Employees International Union.

Climate Strike

The Unions Backing Friday’s Global Climate Strike—And What It Means

When asked why he’s planning to support the Global Climate Strike slated for September 20, Larry Hopkins, a rail crew driver for the transportation and maintenance company Hallcon, says the reason is simple: “I want to help preserve and protect our personal safety. Because right now, we’re in a climate emergency that is very bad for our health and our safety.

LiUNA will rally to

Laborers Union members and members of the community who support creating jobs by rebuilding Minnesota\’s crumbling infrastructure are gathering to "Build Minnesota So Minnesota Works!" The rally will take place on Friday, June 17, at 1:30PM on the Historic Stone Arch Bridge in Downtown Minneapolis.